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TIME launches AR/VR mobile app for immersive journalism

American weekly news magazine TIME recently launched a mobile application utilising Augmented Reality for journalism.

Titled ‘TIME Immersive’ the app uses AR technology to bring digital elements to life on a user’s mobile screen. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, on 20th July, the first experience on the application is a scientifically accurate recreation of Apollo 11’s iconic moments, which the app describes as ‘the world’s most accurate 3-D recreation of the moon landing’.

The project is a partnership between the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum and is sponsored by Jimmy Dean. The visuals assets have been provided by John Knoll, Chief Creative Officer of Industrial Light & Magic. RYOT’s head of audio Erik Lohr also worked on the spatial sound design with TIME’s Jeffrey Kluger providing the voice-over.

Images by: Upanishad Sharma through TIME Immersive

“TIME has always been at the forefront of visual storytelling. With the launch of this app and our first web AR experience, we are putting a stake in the ground with AR and establishing the level of immersive journalism that TIME will continue to bring to our readers,” said Mia Tramz, Emmy-winning VR producer and editorial director of Enterprise and Immersive Experiences at TIME.

This release is in timing with TIME’s announcement of two immersive experiences recently. The TIME Immersive application is available across IOS and Android mobile devices and can be viewed in either Augmented or Virtual Reality.

The VR experience can be launched by placing the phone into a compatible headset while AR requires the viewer to position their phone camera on a stable tabletop.

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